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Introducing HTVFast's Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl – where innovation meets kaleidoscopic brilliance. Elevate your creative projects with a material that transcends the ordinary, offering a mesmerizing dance of colors and reflective properties. Craft with confidence as this vinyl peels cold, ensuring precision and ease in revealing your spectacular designs.

Dynamic Reflectivity: Experience the magic of holography with our Holographic HTV. This material boasts multiple unique reflective properties that play with the light, creating a dynamic and ever-changing visual effect. Your designs will captivate and enchant, making a bold statement that goes beyond the conventional.

Kaleidoscopic Colors: Unleash a burst of color with our Holographic Vinyl. The spectrum of hues at your disposal is vast and vibrant, allowing you to create designs that shimmer and shift in a dazzling array of colors. From subtle iridescence to bold and bright, your creations will stand out with a kaleidoscopic brilliance.

Cold Peel for Precision: Craft with ease as our Holographic Vinyl pressed at 320°F and high pressure for 10-15 seconds and peels cold, ensuring your designs maintain their integrity during the application process. This user-friendly feature allows for seamless detailing and precise reveals, giving you the control to bring your holographic visions to life with utmost precision.

HTVFast's Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl invites you to explore a world of limitless possibilities. Elevate your designs with a material that transcends the ordinary, offering dynamic reflectivity and a spectrum of colors that dance with the light. Craft with confidence, knowing that your creations will sparkle and shine with a holographic allure that leaves a lasting impression.