How To Create Free SVG Cut Files on HTV Fast Designer

Cut-files made easy, simple, and free.

For many of us, coming up with a design can be the hardest part of a project. Luckily, there are awesome design programs and online sources with a ton of fun and trendy designs you can choose from out there. However, it can be extremely time consuming searching for that perfect design and sometimes they just don't get the job done like you need them to.

But good news! l I’m here to tell you about your new creative shortcut. On we have a FREE designer where you can get FREE SVG cut files. Yep, that’s right – F-R-E-E.

With a user and mobile-friendly interface, you can design what you, where you want, whenever you want! 

The easy-to-use HTV Fast Designer is filled with a variety of designs that can be used for any HTV material or vinyl project! It has everything you need to help bring your ideas to life easier and faster than ever.

design canvas overview

Within the designer, you can start from scratch, upload your own image or browse our library of pre-made templates, fonts and clip art images.getting started with the designer options

You can use a template design as-is or customize, edit and rearrange it until you love it. When you’re done, simply export your design as one of the file options which does include an SVG file for the Cricuters & a DXF file for the Silhouetters. After you export the file, just upload it into your whichever cutting software you use such as Silhouette Studio, Cricut Design Space. 

Don’t see a design you’re looking for? Don’t worry! We’re always adding more designs so keep checking back! Can’t wait? Click the blue chat icon on the bottom right of your screen or message us on social media to let us know what you’re looking for or what you think should be added. We’ll do our best to get it created for you ASAP!

The designer has sooo many awesome tools and features, but for this post I'll cover these main ones:

  • Pre-made templates
  • Customizable text
  • Clip art images
  • Adding effect
  • Mock-up backgrounds
  • Import/exporting a file

Pre-made Templates

To give you a head start, we’ve created pre-made designs in a variety of different categories. Use a template as-is or change it up a bit by adding your own creative touch to fit your needs.

HTV Fast designer template categories

Do you love a design but need it in blue instead of purple? Go for it! The rainbow is at your fingertips!  

htv fast designer color editor

If you just need a quick, “grab & go” design, there are a few templates that have static text, meaning that the text or font cannot be changed. This was done in order to maintain a certain look or effect that was done to create that design. However, you are still able to change the colors, size, add other items or delete areas of the design you don’t want. 

Examples of templates available that have static text elements:

htv fast designer templates

Majority of our templates available are made to be easily customized for you and/or your customer. 

Example 1: 
example of customizable template design
Example 2:

example of customizable template design  

Customizing & Adding Text

To help personalize your design, the HTV Fast designer allows you to add text, type what you want, and change the font style of that text. There are a variety of different fonts available for you to use but we are working to add more.

How to customize text:

  1. Browse through the template designs and click on the design you want - this will open up the design onto the design canvas
  2. Double click on the line of text you want to change and a text box should appear 
  3. Type your text in the text box and click + Add to insert the text onto the design canvas.
  4. Change the font of your text by selecting the Edit tab on the menu bar and then choose the Font option
Example: chose a template that had the look and layout I wanted and then changed what the text says. 

customized text example

How to add a new line of text:

  1. Insert text onto the design canvas by selecting the Add (+) tab on the menu bar and then choose the Text option.
  2. Type your text in the text box and click + Add to insert the text onto the design canvas.
  3. Change the font of your text by selecting the Edit tab on the menu bar and then choose the Font option.

edit text and font

Example: added a line of text to design and changed it to say, "#teacherlife"

adding text example

Clip Art Images

In addition to pre-made templates, the HTV Fast designer also has a variety of pre-made clip art images available to use. The clip art available includes simple shapes or silhouette designs along with more intricate images. I call clip art images my "design elements". They help build and add a little more creativity and personalization to designs.

Clipart categories

Example: Clipart added: coffee cup and stack of books

added clipart example

Design Tip:

  • Add clip art objects that relate to what your design says
  • Choose clipart that have a similar style with your design & text - if you have a handwritten font style, choose clipart that are more casual or "doodle-styled".

    Adding Effects

    If you’re looking to enhance your text or another object, you have the option to add an effect! This includes creating curved or circle text, adding an outline or shadow.

    adding effects to objects

    Example of what some of the effects look like: 

    example of effect options

    You can easily edit the effects by clicking Effects up at the top, and clicking the effect you'd like to edit. 

    edit effects option

    An edit bar will appear on the far right of your screen where you can scroll up and down on the dimension number or use the +/- buttons to adjust the effect on the object. 

    editing effect properties

    Adding Backgrounds

    If you want to get an idea of what your final project will look like or want to send your customer a visual before cutting and applying your design, we have a variety of backgrounds to choose from or you can import and upload your own! 

    • Insert a background onto the design canvas by selecting the Add (+) tab on the menu bar and then choose the Backgrounds option.
    • Choose between a variety of apparel, wood, and other surface textures 

    mock-up backgrounds

    Click on an apparel item to be placed behind your design.

    apparel background example

    Re-size, and re-arrange your design and t-shirt until you like how it looks.

    arranging design onto background

    Add another visual touch by adding another background such as a wood texture. You can insert and upload your own backgrounds or objects to add as well.

    design mockup examples

    This is an easy way to create professional-looking mock-ups or proofs for your online store or to send to your customers to give them a realistic representation of what they’ll be getting. This is especially important for custom orders. Sending the customer a proof or mock-up for them to approve protects you and your business against customers returning items due to the design, “not being how they wanted”.

    Importing a File

    If you have a design already and just want to add some creative touches, you can import your own file or image into the HTV Fast Designer. Allowed file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .svg, .png, .pdf, .eps. 

     import own image

    Exporting a File

    When you’re done designing, you’re able to export your design as one of the following file options: .JPEG, .PNG, .DXF, .PDF, .SVG

    • To export your design as a flattened image (raster) choose a.JPEG, or .PNG file format. 
      • When exporting as a Raster image, there will be a section to fill out called DPI - this just references the resolution of your image. I always go with a good-quality resolution of 300 DPI. 

    If you're using a Cricut Explore Air or Silhouette Studio Designer or Business Edition, you will be able to open the SVG file. If you are using the standard version of Silhouette Studio, you will be able to open the DXF file or can trace the PNG.

    exporting file options

    Once you have your design exported, you can upload it into your cutting software to be cut with your cutting machine! 

     uploading exported file into cricut design studio

    These are just a FEW of the possibilities with this designer. My biggest advice would be to check out the designer for yourself and just play around and experiment with the different tools and options. Trial and error is the best teacher! :) 

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    Happy creating!